Friday, September 2, 2011


  1. Lets say you already have a NetBeans 4.0 project created called MyProject and located at \MyProject
  2. open NetBeans 4.0
    • open MyProject
    • Right click MyProject and select Clean Project (this deletes the build/classed and dist folders)
    • open the file located in the folder \MyProject\nbproject
    • change the build.dir to bin
    • change the build.classed.dir to ${build.dir}
    • save and close the file
    close NetBeans 4.0
  3. create a ZIP file of the \MyProject\ that will contain this folders:
    • nbproject
    • src
    • Any other folder or file that is located at \MyProject
  4. create a new folder \NEW (or your choice), this is were we are going to create the Eclipse 3.0.1 Project
  5. open Eclipse 3.0.1
    • go to Window, Open Perspective, Java
    • go to File, New, Project, Java Project
    • click NEXT
    • type MyProject
    • select Create project at external location
    • type \NEW\MyProject (this folder will be created by ECLIPSE)
    • select Create separate source and output folders
    • click NEXT
    • click FINISH
    • Right click on MyProject (at the Package Explorer)
    • select IMPORT
    • select ZIP file (usually the last option on the list)
    • click NEXT
    • BROWSE and look for the \MyProject\ created on STEP 3
    • click FINISH
    close Eclipse 3.0.1
  6. create a new folder \NEW\MyProject\dist(necesary for Netbeans 4.0)
  7. Now you can DECIDE when to work with Eclipse 3.0.1 or Netbeans 4.0

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